Camille Dubuis-Welch

Cam is a seasoned writer and editor with over a decade of experience in crafting compelling content. She delved into the world of expression at The University of Manchester, majoring in English Language and Italian, initially exploring her creative side through blogging and copywriting on fashion and travel.

Her professional journey led her to collaborate with major players like Groupon and its esteemed partners—The Guardian UK and US, HuffPost, and Over the years, Cam has covered various topics, ranging from the latest kitchen design trends to savvy strategies for securing optimal deals on home insurance. Notably, she seamlessly transitioned her expertise into interior design, steering the editorial ship at, a division of Future plc, for a fruitful three-year period. She collaborated with many DIY and renovation experts, honing her passion for creating beautiful and functional living spaces here.

Currently calling North London home, Cam is deeply committed to helping others elevate their surroundings. Her passion for striking interiors and practical home enhancements shines through, whether for homeowners or renters. Ever attuned to the evolving landscape, she is keen on incorporating sustainable solutions, including the seamless integration of solar panels to amplify aesthetics and eco-conscious living.