Solar Panels Installation In Wicklow


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Solar Transition in Wicklow

If you're in Wicklow and pondering the solar path, we've got you covered. Our top-tier installers assure meticulousness, efficiency, and an undisturbed setup. Immerse yourself in the sun’s bounty with our PV Solar Panels, giving your abode or venture a consistent eco-energy supply.

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Solar Panels: Wicklow's Bright Horizon

Wicklow is shaping a future that merges comfort with eco-friendliness. Our distinct residential solar panels are at the forefront of this eco-evolution.

Wicklow's Corporate Solar Installation

Our expertise spreads to the corporate sector. Wicklow’s businesses can expect to slice off a significant chunk from their yearly energy expenditures, making it an eco-savvy and economic move.

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Solar Panel Benefits

Reduce Energy Overheads

Direct savings determined by the capacity of your solar apparatus.

Green Commitment

Play a pivotal role in Wicklow’s ecological transformation.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Often, an annual cleanse is all it takes.

Skyrocketed BER Rating

A sustainable boost to your property's standing.

Property Valuation Rise

Add an eco-edge to your asset’s market worth.

Built for the Long Haul

With a 25-year warranty, they're designed to deliver.


What customers say

solar panels on roof

Our pivot to solar has been transformative. Remarkable savings paired with a stellar team!

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Thought solar in Wicklow would be complex, but it was the opposite. Exceptional service from start to finish!

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