Meet The Team

At Top Solar Panels Ireland, our dedicated team is passionate about helping you harness the power of solar energy. Get to know the individuals committed to making your transition to cleaner, greener energy sources a seamless and rewarding experience.

Sarah Thompson

Role: Founder & Solar Enthusiast


Sarah is the visionary behind Top Solar Panels Ireland. With a background in environmental studies and a deep passion for sustainable living, she embarked on a mission to demystify solar energy for households across Ireland. Sarah's determination to create a more eco-friendly future is the driving force behind our platform. When she's not advocating for renewable energy, you'll find her exploring nature trails and capturing the beauty of the outdoors with her camera.

Liam O'Sullivan

Role: Solar Solutions Expert


Liam is our go-to expert for all things solar panels. With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, he is well-versed in the technicalities and intricacies of solar energy systems. Liam's knack for simplifying complex concepts helps our readers understand the benefits and mechanics of solar panels. He's dedicated to guiding you through the process of selecting the right panels and ensuring a smooth installation journey. When he's not immersed in solar tech, Liam enjoys experimenting with sustainable DIY projects at home.

Emily Byrne

Role: Customer Care & Installation Liaison


Emily is the friendly face behind our customer care efforts. Her warm and approachable demeanor ensures that your inquiries are met with prompt and helpful responses. Emily is your go-to person for connecting with reputable solar panel installation companies across Ireland. Her goal is to make your experience hassle-free, from finding the right installer to ensuring a successful solar panel installation. Outside of work, Emily is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys practicing eco-friendly lifestyle habits.